Any information on Housing in or near Northwood

Hello there!

My husband (French military) has been posted to Northwood as part of the PJHQ and the French powers that be are useless in giving information about housing.

Apparently we can apply for "married quarters" but where is the best place to be ? How hard is it to actually get one and are they any good? What's the rent like ? How are the utilities billed ?

Would we be better in the private sector ?

Any info would be gratefully received as I can imagine literally getting off the boat with the lorry and with no where to go!

A big thanks to anyone that replies :D!
Marsh8, the closest officers' quarters to Northwood are on the east side of Batchworth Lane, between the main road and the back fence of the HQ and are a 5 minute walk to work. There are other quarters in Bushey, Bushey Heath, Ickenham and Uxbridge. Any of these other patches will involve about a half hour trip into work at peak hours due to the traffic. Availability is poor as more and more staff are moving into the Northwood site.
Most of the quarters are sub-standard to one degree or another so are priced accordingly (bank on around £300-£400 per month). A lot are out of use as they are subsiding into the ground. Some are being brought up to scratch to be sold off to private buyers; there are several civilian families now living on the Northwood patch interspersed with the military families. A bit odd but it is not causing any bother as they are professional people as the houses were sold for £300k - £500k.
Utilities are billed directly to the occupant. The quarters at Northwood are on oil-fired central heating.
Do not plan to go private unless the French Embassy has deep pockets; you will not get anything suitable for a family in the private sector around here for less then £1500 per month.
I will PM you the contact details of the current FR LO and the Northwood HIVE who will be able to give specific help.

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