Any information on Glasgow?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Casper88, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. I started my application to re-enlist into the Army nearly 5 Months ago. I was called around 2 Months back, explaining that my forms had been received and that I should hopefully make the next intake in April. About a week after this, I was informed of a mix up in the paper work at Glasgow, and that my forms had to be re-sent off to Glasgow, so the correct ones could be forwarded.

    I am constantly in contact with my recruiter, who tells me nothing, and I recently received a letter stating I was 1 of 300 people in the same situation.

    My question is, does anyone know what the actual problems are at Glasgow involving these 300 re-enlister's? And what the estimate time frame for sorting this out will be?
  2. i've had the exact same letter, and been waiting 5 months too. my paper work is sorted now and waithing for selection. it will get sorted but it takes ages mate.
  3. From my experience, Glasgow appears to be some kind of black hole vortex thingie where all paper work is lost or atleast delayed for a ridiculous amount of time just to ensure that you are sufficiently p*ssed off with the army before you even sign up.....

    Good luck

    p.s i know no idea what the delay with your papers is...hence this post is completely useless...

  4. Well its the armys favorite TLA of course : JPA mix that with feckless civil servants and your in for a long wait fella , unlucky.
  5. EXACTLY the same situation as me. It's fantastic isn't it.
  6. any info on glasgow? stay away! ......
  7. Like all other civil servants (with a few exceptions), they know sod all about the job, lose paperwork and look for somone else to blame. your paperwork is probably at the bottom of someones work pile, on their desk and unless you phone them directly, thats where it'll stay. pick up the phone and start harrassing them. daily! they hate that! :twisted:
  8. i would phone them, but i cant find the number to directly contact them!
  9. it will be on top of any letter you have had from them....failing that get on to your recruiting office and ask them! dont just sit back and wait for ever!
  10. Would it be the personnel centre I would call on 0845 600 9663. Or would it be a specific number, for the department my paperwok is at?
  11. Just to let you all know,

    I was in the exact same situation as you all, you will just have to keep waiting as thats what i had to do.

    Just keep phoning your recruiter every week and ask if they have heard anything.
  12. I spoke to someone at Glasgow, who told me that my careers office has all my paperwork (since February), and that Glasgow have no outstanding paperwork to complete there. So now I am confused.
  13. erm......ring your careers office then....Pronto! someone has flucked up, somewhere
  14. I went into the careers office, and my recruiter told me that the paprerwork has been faxed to Lichfield to be sorted there, and that he will call me next week. Whether that is fact or fiction I do not know. It may just be a created story to brush me off for another week or two.
  15. dont worry geeze the army knows what they're doin!