any info on this?

Discussion in 'REME' started by gundog, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. While in a moment of depression and woe I opened up the crafty mag, well I was desperate, in the MCM colour supplements "unspec and loan" postings there was a posting for a place called "CVHQ REME"

    Now after a long time in the green you get to know what a lot of these units are, but this one has me stumped! it is obviously some headquarter some where but what?
  2. central volunteer H Q normally for T A that havent got a drill hall where there from so go to one place , I would probably guess Bordon , but not sure of that.
  3. Yup. CVHQ is in Bordon. In the old barracks just down from the officers' mess (can't remember its name).
  4. That would be Louisburg Barracks.
  5. Thanks for the replies fellas, Civilian volunteers, is that that the new PC term for the TA or reservists now? Out of curiousity what deo they do there?
  6. Nope,

    as stated above it stands for Central Volunteer Head Quarters. It is the HQ for REME TA and makes policy and provides a point of contact for all TA units. It is also the HQ unit for any specialists who don't belong to independent TA units.

    Each TA capbadge has it's own CVHQ somewhere within it's parent corps. Usually staffed by a mixture of Regulars and TA (and civil servants).
  7. Reminds me of a certain SSGT at CVHQ many years ago who ordered a squad of TA recruits to "Dismantle those beds over there and mantle them over here".....Classic.