Any info on this set up?

This was posted on the IOSH website has anyone any info on how genuine or not this is, in particular regard to his job position and yet newly qualified.

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I would very much welcome fellow IOSH members views on a new initiative I am attempting to get going known as Safety Heroes. I am presently employed as the Deputy Chief Environment and Safety Officer for the British Army and have recently completed a Level 6 Occupational Health and Safety Diploma. I am responsible for training policy and developing a positive safety culture throughout the Army while on operations and at home.

I would like to provide soldiers who have been injured on operations with the opportunity to attend a number of internal and external courses. A number of them are run in-house:including the Safety Advisors Course (British Safety Council Level 3 Certificate), Risk Assessment Train the Trainer, First Aid Instructor and a number of other similar courses. Safety Heroes will then provide the soldiers with some experience including working and operating in a variety of Health and Safety environments or businesses in order to build up their experience and knowledge.

Ideally, the soldiers would be deemed competent and experienced to move into a variety of Health and Safety appointments by the time they are classified fit enough to leave the Army.

I am looking for mentors or businesses that would be willing to guide and help a soldier as he progresses through this challenging period. I would also like to hear from companies that provide Health and Safety training in any of these disciplines who would be willing to provide a free training slot for an operationally experienced soldier recovering from an injury.

Safety Heroes will provide a service to link the qualified, experienced and competent soldier with companies looking to recruit reliable, enthusiastic, well trained and competent safety practitioners.

If there are any IOSH members out there that could help, I would be most grateful to hear from you. It is hoped that the Safety Heroes Website ( will be fully operational shortly.
Sounds like a Nigerian scam.... but could be genuine. Do some research before sending person details.

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