Any info on specialist courses being re-introduced?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by oldcolt, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. Oh the Irony! :lol:

    Having taking some incoming on these pages for asking about Assault Pioneer courses and sniper training etc, to make myself a more useful member of HM Forces, my unit has now announced that the TA are now to be encouraged to become specialists in support of the regular forces on tour etc. rathe3r than deploy as force protection The two courses I have mentioned above were specifically identified by my OC and I wonder if anyone else has any info on the courses being a)resurrected and b) timescales for this etc.
  2. I thought you wanted to be a Commando FAC Sniper Officer? Now a Pioneer aswell! Make way for the one man Army! :wink:
  3. lmao. fair point just call me Rambo! :lol:
    Still working bloody hard to be fit enough to pass the AACC in early 2010.
    FAC, I am investigating seriously as a possible transfer, if I have to or/ if the qualification/ job gets my juices going & I'm good enough.
    I took the old TA sharpshooter and sniper courses back in the 90's and would need to re-take the course if able to qualify now that I have rejoined (along with all of my other old qualifications :roll: :x )
    Pioneer? I LOVE blowing things up and have done since I was a kid; additionally I have always thought it would be a useful skill set to be able to offer on deployment. In the meantime....don't push me :wink:
  4. Do we get to win this time? :rambo: :D
  5. No no, I commend your enthusiasm.

    You could insert alone In a RHIB, crawl up the beach and use dems to clear any entanglements, scale the verticle cliff face, get eyes on the enemy, snipe the radio Operator and his set from 800m, then lase the enemy posistion for Fast Air.

    All in time to get back to the Officers Mess for abit of naked Mess Rugby.
  6. 'TA specialists courses to be re-introduced'

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    seeing as they are having to cut basic CIC JNCO courses in this current climate i wouldn't hold my breath!

    By the way, the basic assault pioneer course is still on going and is modular in format- entry requirement is to be in an assault pioneer pl line serial, bust.
  7. With one eye in charge....not a hope... mission impossible! :x
  8. That's me to a tee! 8) just need the underwater knife fighting course now....
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Have you passed CMSR yet?
  10. God help you all after I finish at Catterick in October! 8O

    Keen? I invented the bloody word! :wink:
  11. I know it's harsh, but with all your keeness and fitness and shooting sniper skills I'd have to laugh if you got binned for failing your Map Reading test.
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Don't hold your breath. If anything, certain specialist Inf skills are under scrutiny for cuts! If a skill requires constant levels of practice and training to make the soldier highly competent in it, it is unlikely to be highlighted as a TA task.

    So tell me oldcolt, did you do a sniper course in the '90s? I only ask because you have never mentioned it before. :roll:
  13. LMAO! I used to teach it but yes, a simple f#ck up at this stage would be a little embarrassing and somewhat annoying! As long as I can read a map better than a certain juinior officer in our unit. I should be fine :wink:

    Edited once for typo'
  14. Is there anything you haven't done, or taught? You Hero, you.
  15. Underwater knife fighting course, barrack room lawyers course (and I failed my sniper course :oops: ) :p