Any info on RLC TA JNCO Cadre???

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_wolf, Jun 3, 2010.

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  1. Ive been told that i need to go do RLC potential JNCO weekends 1 & 2 and eventually my RLC TA JNCO cadre (which as far as i am aware is still kinda new). Anyone got any kind of info on what these two courses contain. Im more interested in the weekends as il be going on them sharpish...
  2. Sew creases into your combats; cook a whole lotta Pot Noodles and discover the Spoonersim, Not Poodles.

    Eat Ginsters, Greggs, etc, and ask yourself; "Why does the RLC think two weekends is enough when the Infantry get thrashed for two weeks solid."

    But you could enter a Mil Skills contest and, to your surprise, win.
  3. You forgot the bit where you get your photo taken with a weapon and pull a pose that makes you look like you know what to do with it.
  4. Come on now, im a tight jock, im not gonna spend money on that posh ginsters rubbish. And anyway ive got a great 'warry' pic with the gat, made to look all the better with a blank firing mag and dust cover.

    Anyway the reason all those inf have to do two weeks is cos they cant take enough in over two weekends. Teaching someone where the cocking handle is is quite difficult when they only have half a brain.

    Thats what the cadre is though, a fortnight of pie eating and truck driving (i assume). The two weekends is required before you do the cadre for some unexplained reason.

  5. Hee Hee Hee :D :D :D
  6. The two weekends are potential JNCO course for your lance jack. The two weeks is for your MPC or what ever it is called know. The MPC is there to get you your full screw. No driving in any of the courses.

    The courses normally have a mix of leadership tasks, drill, orders and basic infantry work, with a splash of death by PowerPoint for good measure.
  7. Mercy bucket.

    So from what your saying, and bearing in mind ive been recommended for lance jack, i only have to do the two weekends? Whereas when i go for full screw i have to do the full two week cadre?
  8. Correct. You will also have to be a B2 in your trade.
  9. Right starting to get confused (which aint hard). Is the B2 required for the lance jack or full screw course?
  10. Full screw mate. Glasgow will not not put you on substance rank without the right qualifications. You can hold local/acting rank but will not get paid for the work.
  11. Good stuff, thats cleared things up and made me quite pleased.

    Thanking you kind sir
  12. I am also on the PNCO course next month, where you doing it?
  13. Id be doin mines down at lovely Grantham.
  14. Me too, see you there!
  15. Will that be you doing the two week cadre? Ill be going on the PNCO weekends down there, first one in july and second one at the end of.