Any info on Armoured engineers?

Hi all,
Im interested in a career in Armoured Engineering but theres not very much on the internet about them.Ive read a few of the strickies which were helpful but i was wondering if theres any current or ex-Sappers who can give me more info on them?
Key areas are:
2.Day to day life of an Armoured Farmer
4.Where do they do exercises(Canada, Kenya...ect)
5. And are there much specializations(Diver, Eod...ect)

Any replies would be appreciated
Training - you will be trained and it is very good training and you will end up with a tracked veh licence (which is useless outside of driving tanks in the army but fun to have).
Day to day life - pretty much like any other army unit except that you have a tank to look after. On the bright side you will also be a sapper, so will be expected to drink pints of piss and do the dance of the flaming ******** and other popular waltzes.
Promotions - Dunno what its like now but I made Lancejack in about 2 1/2 years.
Specialisations (you need to sort your chell specker out, specialisations is spelled with an s not a zee) - Armoured Engineer is a specialisation within the Corps, as are EOD, diver etc. Ect is not a specialisation.
Travel - Whilst with 2AES, I went to Germany, Germany, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Austria and sailed the Baltic sea. They (the current AES) have also been to Canada, Bosnia and a few other places too.

Finally, I had a brilliant time in 2 AES, just brilliant. After that, to avoid going to a bridging unit near Waterbeach I was given a choice of helicopter pilot training or EOD (both volunteer postings at that time). I chose EOD and have traveled to over 37 countries, blowing things up and shagging. Not necessarily in that order.
doing training in Bovington do you training on all the RE vehicles like the Trojan and the Titan or are you just selected to train on one of them?
you will be trained on both vehicles including all the equipments that are associated with them...Mine plough, AVRE Trailer, Python, Fascine, BEMA and the Tank bridges........try and start to enjoy the wonderful and varied pastries that are on offer at various bakers on the high street (-;=
A question that always comes to me is, what will you be able to do on civvy street after leaving the armoured engineers? In my opinion the trade isnt as evident as some of the other combat engineers, for example heating and plumbing, electrician, fabricator etc. Thanks for any help as im considering going in as either an armoured engineer or a pioneer, But if the trades good enoguh im seriously considering the armoured engineer!

Many thanks :)

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