any info on 1 armd sqn 21 engineer regt???

Hi all
I'm getting posted with these guys soon on FTRS for two years, just wondered if anyone can give me a bit more info than i can get my hands on, which is they're based in osnabruck...and thats near enough it!!!I don't even know what job i'm doing yet!!!
if there is anyone from the regiment, or sqn in the forums i'd be more than happy for any info you've got, as i'm going there on my jack i'd like to go armed with some info, i've been on the mod official website which although informative doesn't give it all away if you get my drift..

anyhows any help greatly appreciated
Used to be a penal sqn where all the bad boys went but it's not supposed to be too bad now. Get used to battle runs in the back of a 432, Poland and the Gulf.
I know some of the SNCO's currently there and they are a good bunch, so you should have a good time. I don't think I am breaking any OPSEC saying that they are off too Canada early next year.

If you want any more info then PM me.
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