Any increase?

I left after 22yrs in 2001 and received an immediate pension.I was just wondering what sort, if any increase if any I might expect on reaching the age of 55?
Did you commute any of your pension? If so the increase could be large. However weren't you briefed by your PD clerk just prior to discharge? I was informed in writing what the commutation would involve, I therefore knew what was headed my way at 55.


I just turned 55, left in 94, full commutation, got a 68% increase.
The thread below has a link to a multiplier table, find the row with the date range applicable to your leaving date in column A and multiply your full Pension (the amount you would have got if you did not take commutation) by the figure in column D. This gives you the amount you would get if you were 55 this year.

There is another thread on here somewhere with a table that you can plug the RPI (now CPI) figures into to give you a good idea what the increase should be. I'll have a dig around and post the link in a bit.

Failing that why not give Xaffinity (or whatever they're calling themselves this week) a call, as I did, to find out how much my pension goes up to when I reach 55.