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  2. Is it a dog?
  3. Is this another spy question?

    Assume it isn't a greyhound in an overcoat then!!
  4. Queens Messenger
  5. Silver greyhounds were (historiccally) emblems of the Monarch's messengers / couriers.
  6. Resurgam, I didn't come back quite as fast as you (get it?)
  7. Looks like a silver greyhound in a racing coat. Doe it have any hall marks on it?
  8. Yessir. You obviously had further to go!!
  9. Cuddles?
  10. I suspected it might be, but the badge is a little large (2 1/2 inches) when my understanding was it was a lapel badge.
  11. See Link's_Messenger
  12. Thanks Resurgam.

    Does anyone have picture(s) of the badge itself?
  13. If I remember it was not so much a lapel badge but one worn behind the lapel and was about 21/2 inches .

    I may be wrong. There must be a QM out there who can tell us - most were ex forces or Met if I remember correctly- mind you the old memory is looking particularly dodgy these days!!!
  14. Thanks again R.
  15. My pleasure Dear Boy