Any ideas?


right well i am starting basic on 27 of august and im going into the design trade hopefully as a surveyor could any one tell me what regiment i would likely be sent to?

Tape x

anywhere within the corps will take a class 2 i believe, sure some other geeks will set me on the right road should this be incorrect.




not really a geek am just bored shit less at work and was wondering really

Tape x
tape said:
not really a geek am just bored s*** less at work and was wondering really

Tape x
maybe not fella but that is all you will get called whilst you are in the corps.

8O :D 8O :D
fecking useless pieces of sh1te.

surveyors NOT cowley levels, that is. :wink: :D :wink: :D
well i am truely sorry A_Knocker_Till_The_End

re0790 said:
I think being abused is part of being a recruit!
mentally or physically :? :? :? :?
Yeah bit of both. soon find out anyway. don't think is as bad as it apparently was in the 70's 80's and before.
tape said:
abit of both so im led to belive!
well i hope it helps sort out your spelling :wink: :roll: :wink: :roll:
re0790 said:
Are you not for text talk then A_Knocker_Till_End??????????
NO :x :x :x :x

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