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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. In medieval times, confrontations were sometimes settled by David vs. Goliath single combat. The mercenary condottori were bribed to abandon their employers. We had Free Fire Zones where any individual seen – man, woman or child – could be shot on sight. The Americans had a policy they called MGR; the Mere Gook Rule where no consideration was given as to friend, foe or neutral to any indigent person just because they were deemed Gooks. Shoot 'em all, Let God sort it out. Shock and Awe. Hiroshima. All these were harsh realities of war.
    Leaving aside any modern day consideration of right or wrong, which of these – or any other part of past custom and practice of war – would most effectively be reintroduced in the areas where we are in conflict?
  2. Nuclear bombs are always an option, I am sure GWB is working himself up to it, so maybe your question will be answered shortly.
  3. You mean they dont have that policy anymore? 8O
  4. Duelling.
  5. Too interlectual for me, I am still in favour of Looters will be shot.
    And pirates hung on the spot, can include terrorists as well, senior officer, SNCO on the spot, has final say and no comeback.
  6. Not quite a past custom or practice of war more like a modern reality of life. But in accordance with health and safety regulations all suicide bombers should not be allowed to carry out any attacks until they've been suitably trained and carried out a live firing APWT on a designated and suitably supervised range.
  7. I think that Frenchmen should still be encouraged (if not forced) to charge up a slope á la Crécy into a hail of arrows. The part of the King of Bohemia should of course be played by Ronaldo. And soldiers should get knighted in the field for bravery in battle.

    (can you imagine what the army would look like today if they put all the knights in uniform!!)
  8. Imagine if firearms were never invented yet everthing else had.

    Imagine a bank robbery where the ARV has been called and you get a Police officer involved in a sword fight outside the bank.........[and trying to put out an 'Urgent Assistance' call on his PR at the same time].
  9. Looting was always an acceptable alternative to actually paying soldiery a livable wage. Surely there's something to be said for the practice.
  10. Flogging and the stocks for criminals.

    Hung drawn and quartered for Sex offenders and murderers.
  11. Settle international disputes by chess. Somehow, I can't imagine GW Pubes being very successful.
  12. Su Doku.
  13. I was reading each post here screaming, "Spoils of war! What about the spoils?"

    Yet again, Sawdusty, we're on the same wavelength. I'm sure we should be shacking up or something! (Although if you'd heard the enormous burp I've just done, you'd perhaps give it a miss!) Where's your Castro-type avatar gone?

    What better incentive has there ever been for soldiers to win a battle than the resultant spoils?

    Take the peasant who owes the blacksmith a few too many pennies or can't pay his tithes... he just waits for the next war around the corner. And let's face it, over the centuries the Brits have always had a war just around the corner. Then he fights like a furious thing, relishing the pillaging afterwards to pay off his debts.

    And what does my lad in Afghanistan get? He insists on taking the ladle out of the cook's hands and helps himself to as much food as he needs (rather than what the army thinks he needs). That's the extent of his booty!
  14. She called the chef a cook! Blasphemy! Burn the witch!
  15. Jamie Oliver's a chef!