Any Ideas?


One of the lads I know just put this up on faceache saying he just found it in his garden whilst digging a tree up.

Any ideas of what it is I've not got a clue?
I'd suggest he gets off FB and calls the Police so the local EOD Tm can deal with it!

They can tell him afterwards what is was!

Looks like an airdropped munition to my untrained eye!
At a relatively uninformed guess, its a 2kg incendiary and really needs the loving attention of Felix.
He could always chuck into the neighbor's back yard; job jobbed...

Ask him to take a close up shot beforehand though.


Kit Reviewer
It does look like it says Practice on it, but still worth reporting if not properly ID'ed.

Bugger, Get called away to the phone and when you get back someone has beaten you............................
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