Any Ideas?

I've just moved into a new flat today and rang BT up to get the phone switched on, so I can enjoy the delight which is ARRSE, after spendign what seemed like hours getting through to a human operator the cow said it would cost me £75 to get it turned on as it's a new line, I'm not paying that much for someone to type a few command line entries to give me a number and activate it so just wondered if anyone else has had this problem and who they went with to get around it, I'm not bothered about call costs as I'll still only use the mobile. But that amount of money for something that simple is stupid.

Thanks in advance.


and yes this is the NAFFI so take the piss if you want.
Get yourself a Netvigator.
The £75 is for an engineer to come and drill holes in the wall etc. If the line already exists there is no charge.

Still hate 'em though. The idea is that they still have a monopoly on the infrastructure because they spent 50 years putting it in and deserve to benefit from that investment. All very reasonable until you realise who was paying the bills for those 50 years...

BT are the most successful argument against monopolisation that has ever existed; with their attitude towards customer care they wouldn't last five minutes in a real free market.
Netvigator only works in Reading and Slough. Plus its Broadband only novoice.

How do I know, I built it thats how.

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