Any ideas?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by D-FENS, Feb 3, 2005.

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  1. Whats this all about then?

  2. Quality!
  3. Nice one 659, mine is a Mighty Meaty, grid ref SU 30483999 :D
  4. Veggie supreme with extra topping of dead animal please!! Yum Yum

    Hey veggies if God wanted us to be vegetarian why are animals such tasy bas7@rds?? :twisted:
  5. You have to admit, there was some flair involved. No pun! heh heh

    Poor weekends off for him for a while!
  6. Pprune are saying it was a gazelle. 59 were Mk 9s last time I looked. Or has that changed?
  7. It was a LYNX 7 from 659.

    Clanker, are you ex 659? That pink floyd song you have is hanging up in their squadron. Was just curious. Only heard it myself the other day.

    The story will be in the Sun on Tuesday 8th Feb.
  8. what is the url for the pprune thread?
  9. It's here on PPrune, and yes, I am ex 659.
  10. aircrew?
  11. apparently there was a box of cadburys Mini Heroes along with it as well. some sort of meal deal!!!
  12. Yes. Finished as QHI when I got out in 1997. 8) Came back for 6 years as a gash TA pilot. :roll:
  13. thought it would have been for 655 for the carcus!!!!
  14. Wheelie Bin Pizza Delivery so there is a use for the Mk9 after all :lol:
  15. Hey Tickle, ...