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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Woody32, Nov 14, 2005.

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  1. Broadly: I go to cadets, and on sunday after the rememberence parade, my plt. com. told me that i was to have the last part of friday off school, to go to the sas camp, and have a ride in a chinnook! I'm quite speechless as to why the most secretive rgt. in the army is inviting 15 yr olds to go to its base and have free rides....its hardly a stunt for more publicity! Why? is the army re structuring or something..?
  2. Secretive???? The unit that has more books written about it than any other. And more authors writing autobiographies.
  3. Wah??? or battered starfish???
  4. Last part of friday off school? Surely school should take precedence over cadets. Skiving jack bugger.
  5. It's because your special...
  6. What an ugly bastar0!
  7. I think you may have misheard your abuser err.... Plt Cmdr.
    He said he was going to ride you with his chopper because he is very camp.
  8. Woh their Geordie_Blerk. This type of talk to a lad whose age you do not know is not really on. This is the sort of thing that will get this site closed down.....
  9. Woody - I am detecting some serious walt tendencies mate. Take guard or you will find someone will apply some painful reality therapy.

    And you spelt "chinook" wrong.
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Spot on Hobgoblin, G-B should be kept in check - I assume you know G-B's age? BTW the visit should the visit not have been to 3 Para Mortars? :wink:
  11. Can I just point out one thing mate. There is no way on this planet that they would let cdts with in 50ft of the gates at Crediton Hill. I've been there and to get in is a mission on it's own, that is with clearance, so I doubt they would let cadets in mate.

    As for missing school, don't worry about that they take all mongs in the army these days so stick with cadets you'll have some useful knowledge when you join up lol.
  12. Umm.... its Credon Hill, and i have been there before with my friend and his dad,... OC training wing.

    Ahah!, it was the air cadets that went on a chinook ride, I was supposed to go to salisbury plain on friday, stop there on friday night, and then watch a sqn attack. BUt instead it went to a bunch of cheshire cadets...... (I THINK IVE BEEN BLAGGED)!

    ACF instructors...i dunno...?

    (f**k me im sexy!)
  13. To be pedantic it's Credenhill!!!
  14. But what colour is the boathouse there!?!
  15. The same sh@tty colour as all the other buildings. Maybe we should ask mini- Henno I mean woody32