Any ideas what this is on my lawn?

Cant upload phots for some reason. Its like a 3 inch dia pipe protruding from the ground with the end flush at grass level. After being mown over several times it has some pretty lethal edges and I want to dig it out.

House is a new build - 6 years old. Suspect it may be some kind of drainage thing? Will keep trying to upload phot.

No joy uploading..No idea why - tried via phone and PC.
Maybe somebody buried a bulldozer and you're looking at the exhaust.

If it was the bulldozer used to bury crated Spitfires back in 1946, I'll give you a hand to dig it out. Half shares on whatever we find, mind.
It might be a mortar barrel though the only reason I can think of as to why it would have been left there is if there was a misfire and the crew scarpered. Try prodding inside it with a steel rod to see if there's a bomb still in there.
Might be anything down there.............. an old WW2 Bomb Store
an old WW1 Mustard Gas Store
A secret alien headquarters
Tracy island Air vent
A discarded drainage pipe the builders couldnt be arse to clear up
Might be the muzzle of a Charlie G, whose unfortunate carrier expired on a run and was buried there and then by his section to save a few miles of firemans lifts.............

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