any ideas what knocked this tank out..... not a very big hol

I'm not an expert on these things, but the shape of the wound suggests either that a scab has come off the outside (indicating that this is an exit wound) or a hole has been pushed through the armour following an initial explosion on the surface. I tend toward the exit wound, suggesting that an AP round of some sort has cooked off inside the tank.
In my experience, sabot often leaves very neat and tidy holes in armour; it's generally a very clean kill. I'm not discounting Putteesinmyhand exit wound theory, but I am wondering if it's not a hit with a tank round, but some kind of a GW long rod penetrator hit. Either way, it certainly the kind of thing viewed best from the outside and with hindsight.

I'll ask my mate Gunners for an expert opinion.
The scarring around the hole suggests that it was a HEAT round. The larger damage was probably caused by over-pressure being forced back out of the entry hole.
It's been caused by a fin round going in. The insides will look dreadful. It's not A10 strike - they leave very different holes in weak armour like this.
Hi S_S,

I've just heard from my mate whose opinion is that it's the result of a hit by a HEAT round.

"It's certainly not any main armament round we'd use.

Thinking about it, it could very well be a gobbly-wobbly of some sort, as there are gangs of them out there.

When I first looked at it however, I automatically thought it was the result of a hit by a HEAT round,with the breach being caused by the distance tubing.

Not anything we'd use as I said,but we were always really the odd ones out in going for HESH,as just about everyone else used HEAT."

I'll leave the gunnery world in Gunners's capable hands now and pop back over my side of the turret, empty his p*ss can, get the BV on for a brew, get him a Carly out of the bag charge bins and make some processed cheese and jam sandwiches - making sure of course to add the trademark oily thumbprint!
I'm thinking shaped charge round as well. Sabot strikes have a bit of raising around the hole (which is about the right size), but I've never seen a gouge out like that before. I wonder if it mightn't have been a TOW missile? That's got a good enough bang to it, but will still leave a small hole.

"Abrahms?" Why can nobody spell Abrams right? It's only six letters.

The STAFF round never entered production. Current rounds are Sabot, HEAT (Going out of service), MPAT, HE-OR, Cannister. That last one is probably fun.



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Much as the description of the STAFF round took my breath away (and then I see it never entered production), it didn't change my immediate feeling that it was from a HEAT round. The penetration wasn't exactly vertical as described, was it?
scouse_security said:
????????????????? tandam heat round????????????????? i know what a heat round is but not a tandam one
Do a Google for PG-7VR

Alternatively, the warhead is delivered on a tandem bicycle.

(Was going to add a smiley but the new ones have confused me!)
tar hackle will m8y. ill google scousers binning old bombs in the mersey too lol what a day that bomb closed one of the tunnals and the ferry was on :(
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