Any ideas please?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Barbarella, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. I was wondering if any of you very clever fellows could enlighten me as to which Regiment this chap was in?

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  2. Looks like Household Cavalry
  3. Rank? And clues on what the medals might have been for?
  4. Officer ;)

    A close up would help
  5. Dunno, but the haircut is an example to many on here. Can you give us some context?
  6. it pixelates too much when I zoom in. What are the star ones?
  7. He is my Great Great Uncle - I think. There are three possible relations - all Cav. If I can find out what he was in the Regiment then I will be able to hopefully work out which relation it is from that. My grandmother and I were sorting all the family tree and photos when she died. I have a whole box of similar random family photos to sift through...

    I know that one was responsible for getting all the horses rounded up to be sent out to Palestine - he lost over 50 from his own stables.
  8. He's a Surgeon-Captain/Surgeon-Major in the Lifeguards.
  9. Then why is he wearing MT gauntlets? (Sorry couldn't resist, but am very interested to know the final outcome)
  10. Did he ever find them? :p
  11. I must admit the uniform could be HCAV, however looking at the headgear, it could be 13/18H or 4/7DG or their antecedents.
  12. Can you post his name - the enterprising chaps on here could then probably find him. Question. Would all the medals be gazetted?
  13. The cocked hat could be a couple of units.
  14. Is the straight Sword any indication? Thought Cav had curved Sabres?