Any Ideas on who what or where I should be heading with this?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Jerrycan2793, Oct 22, 2010.

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  1. Ex Landlord decided it was a good idea to take my army issued kit and threaten to sell it on ebay claiming I owed him money, Which I didnt.

    After a bit of debating the Civvy Bill went round and recovered the kit locking him up for theft. He was later released because I said, I have my stuff back im happy with that.

    No major problems after that, an abusive phone call when he was released from cells and a few threatening messages to myself and slightly more worryingly my mother. This was dealt with and stopped.

    The problem I have now is getting hold of my mail, I know he has a few letters belonging to me including one which contains a cheque from the Tax man, He has discovered this cheque and has sent me a text telling me I can have the cheque if I pay for it!!

    Is there an offence in this as the mail was delivered to his house? or is the mail still mine?

  2. It's addressed to you, therefore he's in the wrong. Get the law involved. It's also extortion, if you can prove it.
  3. theft of mail is a very serious offence - report it to the police immediately - demanding you pay to get your own mail is also an offence.
  4. I hope you still have the text message???
  5. you should have had your mail re-directed - I think it costs about £25 for 3 months.
  6. Have I misunderstood this?

    He nicked your kit.
    You complained that he'd nicked your kit.
    The Old Bill investigated and arrested him on suspicion of theft.
    You then declined to testify in court.
    The Police then had to release him and drop the charges?
    If not that, what did happen? It sounds that way.
    If it was like that, then there's probably 60 or 100 man hours expended for no result/conviction.

    May I wish you the best of luck in persuading the Plods to follow up your new complaint of theft against him.

    PS Contact Inland Revenue (or whatever they are now). Tell them you believe the cheque has been nicked. They'll stop it and send you a new one.
  7. Yeah I still have the text message, just reported it to the police and they are taking it very seriously which is a surprise. With the previous dealings and the potential theft they batted it off, yet this which I see as more trivial they are taking more seriously.
  8. Happy days, go the distance and get him locked up.
  9. Interfering with Her Majesty`s mail is not trivial (hence the 'Royal' in Royal Mail), its a very serious offence, this is why the coppers have to take an interest, especially when the culprit is demanding money to hand it over.
  10. Not entirely how it panned out, from the start I had said I just want my stuff back so I could work. I did not decline to testify in court quite the opposite I told them I would if they felt it was needed.

    It was a very confusing situation basically he was saying that it was Lien and it was later decided by the police that it was an unlawful lien and therefore theft.

    As he didnt intend to commit theft but was stupid enough to try and lie his way out of it he ended up in the cells for 24 hours.
  11. When the coppers go to your ex-landlord's house, go into the house with them. As he's being dragged off to the cells, remain in the house and announce that you're squatting. That way he'll get done for interfering with The Queen's Mail and resisting arrest.
  12. He resisted arrest last time from what I know, But that Idea is a great one
  13. You are right, hanging on to your kit was not theft but buggering about with your mail and cheques and demanding money for it's return is definitely a proper offence.

    Go for him.
  14. Out of interest does anyone know what sort of charges he could be looking at? Mail Theft? Interfering with the Mail? or on a limb Black Mail?

    and more for entertainment value what could he be looking at
  15. Hopefully the inside of a cell, he sounds vile