Any ideas on adventure exercises.

I now work teaching English to Catalans, and this summer I plan to teach a summer course to youths combining adventure techniques with English.
The basic plan is set out and I know more or less what I am going to do. If you have any exercises or lessons that you found useful or successful that you feel you could pass on I would be grateful for the help.

I plan to teach a bit of First Aid, maps, camping, basic survival, and spend at least one night out.

Thanks for the help.

P:S Do please look at my thread in Current Affairs where I am asking for stories to help veterans. I am sure you must have a story or two to tell.
command tasks where instructions have to be given (in english) would be a good one i think:

we did one where we had a blindfolded person in the drivers seat of a landrover and a person sat a way off and had to give instructions, "turn half right" etc, while the rest of them pushed from whatever direction. The object was to manouver the veichle into various "parking bays" marked out by mine tape.

A variant would be any task that involves giving commands to blindfolded person/people. Guiding a team through a "minefield" or getting them to perform a task whilst blinfolded.

Even the really basic "stand on this plank and arrange yourself in age order whilst blindfolded" will get the language skills going, and can be used as a time-filler.
They don't have to be language exercises, simply fun things to do outside, I will sort out the English side.

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