Any ideas if this will help my press ups?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by SOLSTICE, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. I can currently perform 35 press ups and would like to make it to 50 before/if i make it to Phase 1.

    My plan is to do 100 press ups a day twice, once in the morning once at night.

    I do 5x20 press ups to do it now and hoping that i can increase that to 4x25 then continue to reduce the amounts of sets needed until i reach 2x50 press ups or even better, 1x60 and 1x40, get my drift...

    Think it'll work?
  2. That's greasing the groove and it should work.
  3. Just googled greasing the groove and brought back some interesting results. Makes sense really, to be able to do lots of press lots of press ups basically.

  4. But don't go failure.

    I'm doing burpees with the grease the groove method.
  5. i am greasing the groove with my pull ups, gone from doing 2 to 5 in just under 2weeks, its a great theory that actually works
  6. Hi Solstice,

    Sounds to me like you have a plan. How long do you have until Phase 1?

    Also, there is no better motivation than writting your previous results down so that you can see on paper what you need to beat session from session.
  7. I've not done selection yet, just hoping that'll i'll pass. I've changed from my plan i sadi above, i've just been doing 30 press ups about 10 or 15 times a day and i tried to get a pb today and i managed 40, only 10 more to go to my goal of 50, i've also been doing inclined press ups which seemed to have improved my strength a bit.
  8. Shouldnt be too long before you hit your target. The incline press ups will help develop areas which assist in your push ups (muscle that are secondary when performing a normal push up) the development of your chest, arms and shoulders will help boost your results dramatically.