Any Ideas FOR getting hld of RA Blues?

Hello all,

I got an email this morning from a friend who has just moved over the New Zealand Int Corps. He used to be gunner, he's not all bad!

Anyway he asked me if i knew where i could get my hold of RA Blues for a wedding either hire or second hand. I got sets for my wedding from somewhere in Bicester but not sure of the number or if the fella still exists?

To that end has anyway got any idea's or contacts for Blues?

Any help appreciated,

if for some bizare reason you wished to purchase a complete set, the tailor in tidworth will measure, do the relevant tailoring and fit all buttons, medal ribbon etc and rank for circa £70 for trousers and jacket!!

not bad when its 40 too hire....

he's shutting up shop after xmas, and has about 60 sets he wants rid of.

I bought some, they are in excellent condition
If he's now in the NZ Int Corps can he officially wear RA No 1 dress? Shouldn't he be wearing NZ Int Corps blues (or whatever they wear)?
Hi all,

The blues are not for me, there are for a colleague who is after 2 sets of blues, not necessarily RA, in order to tailor them for a wedding.

Any help or a tel # for the tailors at Tidworth would be much appreciated
phone number for tidworth tailors is


Open tue and thurs!!
I should say the best way to get "RA blues" is to join them, then realise what you've done and self harm every day until you PVR and look back on your wasted career.

hope this helps.
I did join the RA but alas i am no longer in the British Army. I have chosen to move the other side of the world to live the life of Riley.

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