Any ideas for cheap B&B accomadation - Deepcut / Pirbright

Not sure that this is quite what the Travel Forum is here for, MOD's feel free to shunt.

Am trying to locate a relatively cheap B & B within striking distance of Deepcut / Pirbright for a family of seven in about three weeks time for one night - any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
blue-sophist said:
I don't whether this might be of use?
L&MRA Bisley

They re-open on 13 Jan.
St. George's isn't cheap - approx £80 per night. The main L&M club house has cheaper rooms, as do a few of the clubs open to non-members, such as Canada House.

oldmuso said:
Stayed at Bisley (St George's Lodge) for a Pirbright Pass Off - would recommend it. Big, clean rooms.
Yeah, but they like hoovering at 0700! 8O
Just seen the last post is 2010 so asking for an update on accom in Pirbright area! Coming down to see Son off on his new career following in our footsteps. Anyway any up to date recommendations?Ta!!
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