Any Ideas Beach Battle Burna

Whist tracing family history it has been established that my Father-inlaw was engaged in a battle on a beach whilst serving in Burma.
It is of note as he said he was on a beach when they came across an "enemy" who were said to be using children as a sheild. The order was given to open fire despite this fact and oviously this is probably the reason he would never talk about his life during WW2.
Has anyone heard of such a battle and if not where would be the best place to research this.

Thanks in advance

If you know what unit he was with it'll make your task a lot easier.
You may find that it's mentioned in the regimental history, don't automatically assume that it rates more than a few lines, or even that it's mentioned.

Remember what was a battle for your father-in-law may only have been a small skirmish in the grand scale of things (i.e. lots of things happening at the same time, so only the major engagements get a mention.)

You may find this site helpful:
Thanks for that TT, I am prety sure he was awarded some kind of gong for this , skirmish battle or whatever and I am lead to belive he had real trouble in accepting a gong for the actions he took.
I know he was transfered from the catering corps to the light infantry. I know he made the rank of sergant His wife (who is still alive) unfortunately has severe mental ilness so i cant get much sense there.
I do know however that there are papers with more info on lurking but i need to tread carefully if you know what i mean. :)

PS i know he was awarded the Burma starr Too...
Wasn't there an amphibious landing in Burma after Kohima and Imphal? because that could be it or any if the fighting in the irrawady might have sandy banks

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