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Any idea who this is

At the attacks on police at the cenotaph this afternoon.

[edited to add photo and cos I'm obviously too much of a pussy for you guys]


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And what media outlets are you working for?


I watched the violence that the cenotaph today, holed up in bed, and saw this guy there....any idea who he is?

His names Buckly, says it on his jumper, next dumb question.
Cfn Hockley, apparently.

To be fair, all powder puff REME are weirdos. He possibly got lost on his way to a Greggs.


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I'm sure with a little effort, someone might spot an obvious REME belt, a fairly obvious REME badge in an AAC beret and a name tag on the jumper.

But it's beyond me.
Kinell. Did he fall out of a time machine?
Kinell. Did he fall out of a time machine?
He could have conceivably been lost while getting his large chops around a vegan sausage roll since 1999, which is when I got my CS95.


He's definitely a bloke in a uniform.

Happy to help.
That will be Mr Buckley. Theres a bloke at 221b Baker street wot knows him.
Not media. I have worked in Whitehall quite a bit and I found this upsetting.
Why would you find upsetting?

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He's definitely a bloke in a uniform.

Happy to help.

Well spotted, all I could see was his beret, beret badge, name badge and stable belt...........

no clues at all really.


Twenty minutes this OP lasted before trying to close their initial post down - is that a record?
I’ll answer you, but you’ve got to keep it a secret, OK?

1479 Bty, (Fwd Fd) REME are a small unit trained in the reconfiguring of 5G telecommunications equipment to enable the equipment to be used for the secret 7G mind services that MI9 use to spy on future ‘spontaneous’ acts of mindless street thuggery. He’ll not be afraid, he’s not actually a fat knacker, he’s wearing a disguise.

I’ve said too much, gotta go...

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