Any idea where my grandad was based exactly?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by MerseyMan, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. Hello there!
    Hopefully there may be some knowledgable people here who may be able to help me.

    I have my grandad's service records in my possession and I am trying to locate exactly where he was based going by details I have.
    He left the 1st Seaforths in 1947 after coming back from India, was based in Liverpool till 1949 and then went back up to Scotland in 1949 still serving in the army.

    I am having trouble understanding some of the writing hence the scans. My aim is to find where he was based between 1950-54 as he had a child out of wedlock who would be my mother's half sister. I had no luck with advertisements in Edinburgh local newspapers as he had an address there on his records, but now I am thinking it may have been somewhere else. Once I find out I can start putting some advertisements in local papers for those areas. If anyone needs anymore info please PM me.
    All the best.
  2. From these, he appears to have been Regular Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) up until 1952, followed by a unit I can't read, before transferring to what was the Regular Reserve in 1952.

    I think he was attached to a Royal Artillery TA unit from 1952-1954. 414 Coast Regiment RA were based in Edinburgh, under 105 Coast Brigade.
  3. RASC until 52, a couple months off leave etc, then joined RA TA July 52, transferred to RAC in august 54 discharged Dec 54

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  4. 1st Seaforth Highlanders were part of 23rd Indian Division during the Imphal fighting then withdrawn to India, which would have been enough active service for most people...

    The rest of his service was in the UK.
  5. Surely his number (22etc) is post ww2?
  6. Thanks for all your replies people. Do you think he spent his time until 1954 in Edinburgh? His daughter was born about 1951 I've been told. So it intrigues me to find out what the following means?

    SOS to CRASC Lowland Dist (14 Pers See)
    Not exactly sure what is written in the brackets I only typed what it looks like. It's on the last scanned picture. It's only so I can start searching for his daughter. Would Edinburgh be classed as 'Lowland'.
    Again many thanks for the replies.
  7. Have you tried these.... The Salvation Army: Family Tracing

    I had a bit of a family fall- out in the 60- 70's and they found me, and got us back in touch, all the best.
  8. Possibly 'Signed on strength' (transferred ) to the office of the Commander, RASC.(CRASC)-It looks like his last job was admin, 'Clerk,B'- possibly pay or documents clerk at his last unit or something of the type?
  9. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I assume you've tried to do a search for a birth around that time with his name as father - it may have been registered correctly even if they were not married. I've done a quick search on the scottish register and there are 3 children born in Endinburgh between 1950 and 1951 with the surname Payne. I can have a look if you want, i have some credits that are about to run out and nothing on my side that needs checking.

  10. This means:

    "Struck off strength to Commander Royal Army Service Corps" - the Full Colonel RASC in HQ Lowand District..

    Not sure what 14 Pers Sec means, but could be the line serial number for the personal secretary to the CRASC..

    As he was a clerk by this time, it looks like he got a posting to the local HQ as a Cpl Clerk..

    I'm not sure where HQ Lowland District was in the 1950s , it could have been in Edinburgh Castle or Craigiehall.. There were a number of barracks in Leith in those days as well, however they have all gone now.

    If you are looking for a birth in Edinburgh in the 50's.. then Register House at the end of Princess St is where you need to go. You can also look on the Scotland's People web site.. Genealogy Scottish family birth records census ancestry Scotland uk - ScotlandsPeople This is a pay per view website. You won't find anything on free listings as the birth is too recent.

    According to my local expert, you may be able to find the index to the birth, but you may not be able to see the certificate on line. You will have some fun finding your relative unless you know the mother's maiden name! You might be lucky and have your grandfather's name on the certificate, but this is not often the case..

    I am advised that this may be a bit of a needle in the haystack job!
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  12. Thanks for all your help. The only information I do know is from my grandad's step daughter in the USA. She said when he visited over in 1962 with her and her mother to see his daughter out of wedlock his daughter's name was Hilary and her mother's name was Ella. She helpfully gave me some cinefilm my grandad took of his journey to Scotland and with his daughter Hilary pictured in it. Hilary is the girl in the bottom right hand corner in the red. Next to her is my grandad's step daughter, she said Hilary would have been the same age as her (she was born in 1951) that's all she can remember from her trip over here. If only she knew a surname. The photo below was taken in the grounds of Edinburgh Castle in 1962.

    Again thanks for all your help.
    I will look at the cinefilm again and see at which point Hilary is on film and maybe that will be closest to where she lived and then maybe see if someone recognises the area.
    I'm just hoping my grandad didn't go galavanting too far from Edinburgh to have his daughter out of wedlock.
    Here is my grandad in a picture from a book by Angus Faerrie about the seaforths.
    He played the pipes - pictured 2nd row from front, 2nd to the right. I am also in contact with his other step daughter in Florida from his second marriage in the US as she said she still has his bagpipes in her possession.
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  13. Ah.. a piper!

    .. that explains it! - very friendly people, pipers!

    Having first names, and first names in combination may help.. I would have a go at Scotland's people looking for a Hilary born to an Ella (try Elizabeth, Eliza, Eleanor, Ellen etc as well) in Edinburgh in 1951/2.. The search function is quite good. As i said, you might strike lucky if Ella put the fathers name on the certificate..
  14. There might be a trace in Court records, if he was paying under a Maintenance Order. The Orders themselves have ususally been destroyed, but I beleive that there are records of the fact that an Order was made. I'm not sure what the position in Scotland is though.
  15. HE117 Thank you
    I did a search for Hilary born in Edinburgh City between 1951 and 1954 and there are 53 matches! I can't add a mother's name into the statutory births search, only for catholic births and that doesn't turn up anything.

    HectorTheInspector, thanks for the reply. It would be highly doubtful he would have paid maintenance. After he left my nan to bring up her three children on her own he was never able to be contacted until I found his obitury in a Florida newspaper 2 years ago.
    His step daughter in the USA said the mother of his child out of wedlock pretty much didn't want to know him anymore, he went to live in the US in 1954 getting his SSID in California and then somehow ended up getting married twice in the Florida area.

    His step daughter which he basically adopted in the USA didn't know he had 3 children to a prevous marriage to my nan which came as a shock. He kept that a secret till his dying day. What annoyed my mother whom my nan was 6 months pregnant with at the time when he left was that he came back over here in 1962 to see his other daughter in scotland but didn't bother with my mother, aunty and uncle.
    Funnily enough my uncle was actually at Edinburgh with the Queens own highlanders aged 18 doing his square bashing when his dad was there, it would have been funny if he had bumped into him.

    I know I can look at each record fully free of charge in the Edinburgh records centre, I would happily go through all 53 Hilary's born at that time, but having just had a baby boy myself and work there's no way that's happening.

    It's very frustrating, as I'd really want to find her.