Any idea what this stone is?


All eBay buyers are crooks and mountebanks. I should know, I are one. A dedicated auction house dealer will bite your arm off for that stone once or if you decide to sell it, and give you a tidy bit of cash for it. That he will go on to make a much bigger profit is neither here nor there.
Is it worth anything then?
I thought it was a piece of soapstone at first, but that'D be way too soft for honing.


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Ah yes, the bucket of Annie faces floating in Hibitane can be a surprise to the unwary, but the goat skin in the bath was a step too far apparently…

I found a cheese sandwich in the dishwasher once. It'd been though a cycle and apart from feeling a little rubbery it appeared ok. I didn't try eating it though.
Always a right bastard identifying stone/minerals by sight as most are either grey or brown.

For O Level Geology I had to do a workbook with details and drawings of 10 fossils, ten minerals and ten types of rock. My teacher read it before being sent off and asked me why I had drawn the same picture ten times in each of the three categories. I said it was because I was doing Geology not bleeding Art.

Having said that my best guess would be (given the bluish tinge where the oil hasn't impregnated) that it is most likely Rozsutec stone from east Europe. Probably worth £25-30.

Still a whetstone though.




To be honest, it doesn’t really hold any emotional value to me. If I keep it as a kitchen knife sharpener then great but if I can make a few quid from it, then even better!
I was going through some of my Grandas old tools & opened a box that I thought contained a whet stoneView attachment 610743
It’s more like a kind of marble & not like any sharpening stone I’ve seen before. Any stone experts in here?

If it didn't have a tiny sword sticking out of it, I'll go with an oilstone for sharpening wood chisels.
Got something like that in the garage. It belonged to my father who was a shipwright in Swan Hunters. IIRC the original box it was in was labelled "Carborundum".

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