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Any idea what this is?

Just checking with a work mate whos an ex argyll - he reckons its an old - pre first world war - cap badge - have a look at the crown in the top middle - that is still on the current badge but its a much cruder casting (compared to this one) and also the new one has a thistle at top centre rather thant the fleur de lys which this one has - he thinks its an old badge which has been turned into a pendant or such like - any size indication as may be a miniature - he assures me t hat the argylls badge is the largest in the british army - anyway hes on the case so well have an answer soon.
Don't think it's Horsey as it would need attachments either side and top (maybe bottom).

Don't think it's a badge as the twisted loop above the Fleur-de-lys looks part of the original casting.

So, it was designed to dangle. Sporran or decanter perchance ?. Size would help, also an impression of the strength of the chain - e.g. ornamental.

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