Any idea what is going on ??

What was the outcome of the defence review on the armoured corps?
I have a relative serving at the moment not long back from telic, he and his mates are not sure which way things are going to go with reference to their careers. Due to go on his gunnery instructors next year and now unsure if even that will still be a valid trade/career path, the official line in house at the moment would seem to be " wait and see" which is a pretty crap way to re assure people on their futures.

Presumably the dismantling excercise will commence in the very near future, in the mean time it seems to me to be out of order to keep the guys on the ground sweating!!
It appears that there will be no disbandments or amalagations. 5 recce Regts & 5 Armd Regiments. The 1 RTR CBRN role looks safe as well. What's coming from people in Bovington is that the Armd Regiments will reduce the number of MBT's in each unit. Once Afghanistan is over and the RAC is not needed to crew every vehicle in service it may change. To put it simply, at the moment it seems the tanks may not be needed but the regiments and soldiers are.
Sounds reasonable, preferable to forced transfers to other arms, as one rumour control outlet has been spouting
Rumours is Rumours, DRAC has been more than open, and extremely prompt in issuing updates to CO’s with the clear instruction for these sitreps to be briefed down the CoC. For the moment WFM will minimise the impact on of fleet reductions at the coal face. However the shape and size of the RAC will change in the future. But there again, for the last 30 + years that I have served the shape and size has been a constantly changing beast.
Recently passed on at the request of CO, 1RTR with no apparently restriction for dissemination.

Conscious that the SDSR announcement has raised more questions than answers I thought it timely to provide a formal line on the prospects for 1RTR. This message will be followed up by emails and letters, the content of which will be identical, so if you do not receive one of these you can assume you have been accounted for by virtue of this social networking message.

On the Honington role, there is universal agreement that the full suite of capabilities provided by the Regiment will be required in the future operating environment. There is, however, not yet universal agreement on the form through which the requirements are met. There is a minority of stakeholders who believe that an alternative force structure, possibly based on the RAF Regt, could provide a cheaper solution if some of the Regiment's current outputs are afforded a lower priority. From here on in the debate will be played out through Planning Round 2011, probably on the grounds of cost effectiveness and operational utility. I do, however, remain quietly confident that we have generated a sufficiently strong case to defend the Regiment.

Beyond Honington, there is no direct challenge to A Squadron as the Land Warfare Centre Battle Group Armoured Squadron. However, the LWC BG does contain 2 Armd Recce Troops and it has been suggested that the 1RTR Recce Troop could be somewhere to visit to find further savings. I must stress that this is only a possibility and this option is not currently being pursued actively. Equally, the tempo of activity at A Squadron also provides a strong defence for Recce Troop

So, while I would like to offer clarity, at this stage it is too early to predict with certainty the full impacts of the SDSR on 1RTR. While I have been candid on the risks, the overriding message remains one of cautious optimism. I certainly feel the support of the senior end of the Army and the bottom line is CGS has stated that there will be no loss of combat regiments before 2015.

I would also be grateful if you could pass this message on to any serving or ex members of the First.

Fear Naught

Lt Col GJ Thompson

Commanding Officer

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