Any idea what I can claim?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Cooperman, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. Posted to Germany with a start date of 8 January and I have been told I will be off on a sunshine tour probably within 10 days. Current unit wont release me for relocation leave which I am OK with, as I guess I can get that when I get back.

    Found out this week they have no suitable accommodation for the family until April so wife and kids will be staying where they are. Am I allowed to claim for anything as we can't move due to lack of FQs? When the wife can finally move can she claim for hotels for her and the kids while the furniture is being transported?

    I've been told I have to put the removals forms in at my current unit but can I do that even if I'm not moving for a few months?

    I have tried asking at my end but just keep getting fobbed off and told its now my new units problem but I don't know how many days I am going at my new unit in order to try and sort everything out.
  2. Please do not take this as an insult, but the mere fact that you have asked this question points the finger at JPA. Come March 2007 all personnel will be expected to know exactly what they are allowed to claim for when they are "assigned" as well as what allowances they are entitled to when on temporary duty. By now your unit should have promulgated the changes and informed everyone that it is their duty to understand them.

    As to your question, yes put the removal forms in without having an address of delivery, your application will at least be in the right place at the right time when you have been allocated a quarter. (Don't forget to claim disturbance). Your family are entitled to move into a hotel (this should be booked by your unit through CHBS) on the grounds that your belongings are in transit. You will need to visit your admin office and get the exact ruling for how many nights your family can have in UK and then in Germany. Remember to keep all receipts as your claim will be based on actuals. Also ask your admin staff about a flight back to be repatriated with your family for the move. For the period you sepnd in Germany without your family, as long as it is 10 days or more, your are entitled to a married unaccompanied allowance, complete the correct form with your unit. If you do not have any success pm me and I will get all the details for you. :D