Any idea on the price of 2nd hand turfer Jacks

Anyone got an idea as to the price of 2nd hand Turfer jacks(spelling?) company has just been sold a load of Ex-MoD ones via a telecoms supplier for recovering old cables in manholes purchased for £350 each and cheeky sod wants to charge 1K if they need any more as they are in ahem short supply! cheeky fecker hasnt even cleaned or repainted them. So if anyone from 3tp 51 Sqn is around now you know were it went :eek:
You can pick one up for about £20.00. Around £25.00 for a 5 ton puller on ebay.
Strangely, they are used by 4x4 "off road" enthusiasts, and are picked up new rather cheaply, normally in red though.
Surprising we don't have a dedicated Tirfor Jack Thread, there must be many stories surrounding this little G1098 'Gem' 8)

Anyone on the forum at Waterbeach way back in the late 80's? we were constructing an Aerial Ropeway across the lake from one of the Islands when the Tirfor actually broke in half during the tensioning, the Jacking handle knocked the lad out who was using it at the time, he was lucky it didn't go through his chest! Also in the late 80's I was on the RFA Gold Rover heading to South Georgia for a spot of R&R when the Matelots decided to do one of their 'exercises' mid South Atlantic, a RN Frigate came alongside and they ended up with a Steel Wire Rope going from the Merchant Navy Ship to the Frigate and through a small Gin they had set up on the flight deck, the swr is then 'apparently' controlled by a computer system for the give and take of the waves between the ships; on this occassion it didn't work! the swr eventually snapped almost taking the heads off of two of the Matelots!!! 8O

Any other 'Near Misses' with Tirfors/SWR/Aerial Ropeways?
Time to bump this post again as need to find the metal rope with loop on the end for them. Anyone know were to pick some up pref not via Withams auction as we need some pretty handy

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