Any hints or tips?

dont wipe your a**e on a broken bottle
Look Smart, be punctual i/e early, make sure you have everything you need, pens help crayons dont.

You need to be good in the old communication skills, no chav speak.
Be observant, have a good memory, non panicable, again its all about communications.

I know a guy who has done 2 tours as a watchkeeper, got shot in his arrse once, so being medically aware i/e know a bit more than applying a band aid.

However its all down to communication skills, that and also the fact that you will be out and about and must not be a knob
scarletto said:
your going to iraq, so were you going to find yellow snow
You it in fact not be yellow snow and really it's just sand and someone has flogged it to them on the bluff?

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