Any Hints from Excavalry Members for those who want to join?

Same. I have friends who have been with HCav. They loved the Recce business apparently. Said it was a real eye opener for them in life. And having the ceremonial side also made the job special. Not really a help im sure, but thought id say it.


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OrkneySoldier95Kit said:
Hi I want to join the HHC but I want opinions about the job from those who have actually served?
Is this a question? or a statement? (alright two linked statements), and are HHC actually HCR?
Dont know any arsse'rs who are current or ex Household Cavalry. But i know a few are in armored units including a recruiter i think. so they can possibly tell you what the operational side is like. As to ceremonial..........maybe even dudes from the foot guards could give an insight??

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