Any help with 187 & 1897 Coronation medals?

Can anyone help me here with the 1887 & 1897 Coronation medals for Queen Victoria? I'm a bit lost on the ribbons, despite searching the internet and hitting the same answers!

I know that there are 3 different ribbons avaliable for the 1887 medal (and I am guessing the 1897 medal was the same ribbons), there's the Police ribbon, dark blue, then I have seen two other ribbons. There is the White, with a central light blue line and then the 3rd which would almost be the same as the 2nd, but the blue seems darker and then there is a thin blue line on the outer edges.

I know that the police and other ranks received bronze medals and officers and some officials received the silver medal (Gold for members fo the Royal family).

I have added pictures below if any can explain which ribbon is for who??!!


The police one is on the right, and I honestly think the other two are the same ribbon, I just think one is a bit more washed out. It may be the background playing tricks, but I personally think I can see the border on the far left example.

One source I have says that the 1887 ribbon is the same, another says that it was the inverse colours, white outer edge, blue, then white middle stripe.


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The first two images depict the same riband, but as was common in that era, variance in local manufacture give them a different appearance. Theoretically the [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Jubilee Medal 1887 (with or without the 1897 Clasp) [/FONT][FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]was blue with wide white stripes at both edges. The medal itself came in three grades; Gold for Royal household, Silver for senior officials[/FONT] and Bronze for the ranks.

The police got their own version of the medal complete with its own specific riband as shown in your right hand image. The Indians and Ceylonese each got their own versions too.
Well spotted for the blue on the one with the bar! If I look closely, I can see what you mean!
Thanks for you answer RP - I suppose they didn't have the same company make every ribbon! I know that it was up to the person to swing mount them, so I am aware that they can be mounted at different lengths.

Thanks for your answers guys!

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