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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Sig_E, Nov 21, 2005.

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  1. Hiya,
    I'm currently serving in the Signals and have been for 5 years. I recently took an MLAT and passed with a mark of 123. When I got the report through it basically said with that score I could become an interpretor. I'm a little unsure where to go from here,because I know it is a very intense course. I would like to know from anyone on the Int Corps what the quality of life is,what kind of stuff I would be doing both on the course and (if I pass) what I would be doing from there. I know it would probably be a lot easier to go through my RCMO,but that could be difficult as I'm currently in the middle of Norway! Also,you dont get the real deal off RCMO's,or at least I dont feel that you do. Any info on life and tours in the Int Corps would be gratefully received so that I have a heads up before pursuing this further.
  2. Hi,

    I think a lot of how your career will pan out depends of which language you choose to do/get told you're doing. If you did an Arabic diploma course, you would more than likely be backwards and forwards to Iraq for the next few years, as you would be to Afghanistan if you did Pashto, maybe even Farsi. There are also still a few UK based posts for all languages. DSL Beaconsfield run courses in Urdu, Dari, Turkish, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, amongst others.

    I left DSL in March after a 15 month dip course, it was pretty tough going. You have to keep yourself motivated from day one, right up until the end. Every night you can be expected to learn up to 50 words. Expect to do at least 3 hours of self study every night, this can be revising flashcards, translating newspaper articles, watching foreign news channels. Working hours depend on which language you do, eg the Arab linguists work full days there (8.30-4.00 mostly) whereas Spanish/French work approx 6 hours a day, Turks work 4-5. This may be due to class size however. Turkish courses only have 1-2 students a year, French/Spanish have about 6-8 in a class, Arabs maybe 15 in a class. (Please feel free to correct, anyone, if this is untrue, but this is what I saw whilst I was there...)

    I would imagine you'd be encouraged to go for a course in one of the 4 OTG languages (Arabic, Farsi, Pashto, Dari) as this is where the requirement is highest. You would also qualify for language pay if you did one of these 4 languages. Details of the language pay pilot scheme are in the current Int Corps/Royal Signals MCM Div soldier wing newsletter.

    The work at the end of a diploma course is VERY rewarding and interesting. I am currently enjoying doing the best job in my career so far and have no regrets at doing my dip course. As i said though, motivation is the most important thing, otherwise you will find it hard to keep going..

    PM me if you have any questions or need anymore advice
  3. just out of interest, what sort of jobs do the french and spanish courses lead to?
  4. Couldn't say what they do for sure as my lang wasn't either of those. Edited by Mod for Opsec
  5. You also need to be aware that if you transfer then you will have to do Int Corps Phase 2 and then a standard OPMI posting with the language course being after that and then it wouldn't be to interpreter level.

    Saying that you may enjoy the OPMI side and specialise in another field, IMINT, HUMINT, ANALYSIS, CI, OPINT et al.

    This may all change by the time you transfer though so it will just be a case of suck it and see,

    Rather be in the Corps than the Scaleys!!!!
  6. Thankyou for all your help guys. I would love to join the Int Corps,it sounds like the place to be! I was hoping to specialise in Arabic. I love going on tours as well and to be honest there aren't that many tours on offer to me in the signals(being a class 2 siggie with a bad back). I will be more than happy to put the hours in,and by the sounds of it is well worth it. I am going to start the ball rolling when I get back from Norway,and will hopefully get onto a course in the near future.

    Just one more question though,is there a waiting list for these courses?
  7. Glad to hear your coming across to do a language. Its really fulfilling being able to talk to a foreigner in their language..

    I seriously doubt there is a waiting list for the Arabic dip courses. The Corps are so desperate for linguists, especially Arabic ones. The courses start in September at DSL Beaconsfield, and last 18 months if you've never done any Arabic before. I believe there may be similar courses running at different times at Chicksands but you'd have to check that.

    I agree you would have to do the OPMI training if you transferred, whether you would be allowed to do that AFTER your language course I don't know, as you would start forgetting stuff if you weren't using it.

    The Corps would more than likely snap your hand off though, as I said, there is a real need for linguists at the mo

    Good luck
  8. How bad a back? If you're not FE, I doubt the desire to bite your hand off is that strong. If you're unable to pass your CFT because of an injury, I doubt we'll take you (although I await correction on this matter).
  9. erm...French and Spanish ones????

    We did have a requirement for Spanish speakers in ********** (not sure if I can say it as it was a DI24 post). Also came in useful in Belize...for social purposes..not work of course!
  10. There is a load of people wanting to get on the course. Plus it's Tri-Service so all the Crabs at Diggers want a piece of the pie too as well as a few officer types.

    Here's a fairly realistic time-frame if you are genuinely serious about giving it a go.

    1yr to transfer (seems to be the average though could be quicker)
    6months OPMI A3
    2 year posting
    55 week basic language course (though this could be changing)
    3 year language posting to consolidate training at either Diggers/14/Poss Chickers, though you could get released after 2 if you put in for the course
    Then the Twerps course which with leave etc is about 20months

    So that means you should be a qualified Twerp in roughly 6-9 years. Some people slag us off for getting promoted fairly quick but you have to put in a lot of work to be a decent Twerp (not saying there aren't any who have slipped the net) and more is being expected of us language wallers all the time combine this with the other training you need to do to actually apply the language and it's not that easy a way to get a few bananas. Plus you're only as useful as long as you have something to offer so the first language you do may not be your last!!!
  11. Best bet is to try and guess which shite hole Tone and co will want to play in next and learn that language.

    I recall a full screw in Sarajevo in 1995 who was given his local WO2 with pay as he could speak Croat and Serb.

    IIRC he was a pioneer or the like, name ended in isckowhiski or somesuch.

    So if you guess correctly you could be onto a good thing.
  12. well i can read a chinese menu - let's invade there! seems to be the only way i would ever get WO2 ;)
  13. That post is exactly why you shouldn't be a linguist! Twerp! Diggers! Chickers! Those are definitely words of someone who spends far too much time in a darkened room!

    I wonder what the ratio of dark siders coming across to the light side is compared to light siders going the other way! I'd imagine there's not too many going over to OPMI(L).

    Language pay??!!!??!! 2 years pretending to be in the army at Chicksands working your sweaties off and then the prospect of a posting to either Digby or Brawdy! All for how much? A quid!! One measly pound a day!

    2 pieces of advice: Firstly, transfer to the Int Corps, it's great, you can do as little or as much army barmy stuff as you like and you can have a real job that actually makes a difference at the same time! Secondly, don't do a language, you'll only regret it and end up coming across to the light side anyway, complaining that all your mates have been promoted ahead of you!

    Tours are what you want? Back to back tours of Telic/Herrick aren't unknown in OPMI as we are not constrained by theatre; we can do our job all over the world!

    If you transfer, enjoy it!
  14. I'm a mong Cpl

    Now we know why
  15. I only know of about 3 OPMI (L)'s who have transferred across, and they were pretty naff linguists anyway. Apart from that there are the ones who have been forced to as their languages are dying. Loads of darksiders enjoy their work believe it or not. I don't believe there are that many who want to transfer...