Any help or advice please!


I apologise up front if this is in the wrong place BUT I did look first & searched for anything similar. You can give my butt a kick if I am in the wrong place but could you please do it after reading my post!

I am in need of some real helpful advice please:

Long story short version:

My son's wish has always to be able to join the Army, he has passed all his 3 interviews & has been to pirbright for the 2 day course.

Since being home he went out with his mates & whilst out & about, one of them tagged (painted their name etc on a wall) My son was with the guy who got caught tagging as he was talking to him & he was arrested along with the other guy. Now the other guy has admitted what he did & stated that my son at no time did any tagging at all. My son was interviewed & he also told what had happened, he also stated he was in selection for the Army & would'nt do anything to risk it!

Now he has been bailed until next month. He has spoken to the duty solictor who told him he had nothing to worry about as the guy who did the tagging admitted it & also stated that my son was not tagging! They took my sons clothes & they are clean there is no paint etc on them or found on him. He doesnt seem to be that worried about it (or most likely putting a front on for me) where as I am out of mind worrying!! To the point ive been searching high & low to get some advice on this matter.

My question is: Will this affect my sons selection process? What can or could happen etc? This is the first time ever he has been in trouble.

Now he did try & ring the Sergeant today to talk to him but its his day off. So im becoming frantic trying to get some good advice. I do not have the resources to hire a fancy solictor on his behalf BUT I am willing to do what I can to get him the best help & advice I can however I can!

So if anyone out there who can/could help us please do so

Thank you very much in advance!!!
Ya won't need a fancy solicitor if he's done nothing wrong, it won't go to court or at least ya son won't

My application passed and I had a conviction on it, so it shouldn't affect him although it may be frowned upon if it has just happened.
First off try not to worry.

Worst case he has a court appearance which conflicts with his basic date which means he will have to wait (as long as he will not be found guilty of an offence which carries a custodial sentence).

You need to get to the AFCO soonest and speak with his recruiter, this will give you peace of mind as to what happens next.

Try not to worry.

Good luck.
Thank you for your prompt replies!

Ive calmed down a bit now, although at one point I was ready to throttle my son for placing himself in such a situation especially right now!

He is not 17 until June & this has been his dream for many years & now he is so close to achieving it I am/was worried it would all blow up in his face.

He is now staying away from "tagging" & I hope it was a lesson learnt well!

As of right now no charges have been laid at either of them but as I previously said he is to go back next month. I guess it's a case of wait & see - but waiting & seeing is not something I do lightly when it is this important for my son.

My son keeps telling me it will be okay & my fingers are tightly X.

Thanks again
One very much happier mum!!!
RoyalEngineers said:
Really nothing to worry about in the slightest
And just how are you qualified to comment on this? How old are you and have you even served before?
Disco said:
You seem randomly concerned there Dan, whats up?
RE is an 18yr old cadet, although he wont have you know that. Im sure he'll reply to this thread with an over detailed answer and explantion(as he usually does) leading you to believe hes an old sweat!

Argh!!! Not in a good mood (as you may tell) too many beer festivals over this delightful bank holiday weekend.

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