Any Help/Information On Mobile Phones In Germany??

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I cant find any answers.

I'm off to Sennelager January to March/April, whats the cheapest way to use a mobile there?? Keep my UK contract or get a German PAYG??
I personally have two mobiles - one UK payg and a German payg. For keeping in touch with the UK, the UK mobile wins hands down in costs and that is with taking into account roaming charges!
How much is calling/texting to the UK??
My UK payg, is with Vodafone and the costs at the moment are:

Calls: 75p per call plus home rate/bundled minutes to make and receive calls. Obviously, as normal, calling another mobile will be expensive.

Texts: 10p to send.

MMS max size pic:£1.36

Date costs: start from £1 per 1MB per day
Don't bother with the big 4, VF, T-Mobile,O2 and E-plus although sometimes calling within the O2 Germany network and VF network with the corresponding UK contract/phone can be cheaper than the normal roaming prices with another operator.
There are a lot of cheap prepay mobile call resellers in Germany, look at , Simvoice ATG as two examples. There is a shop chain called Base(represents E-Plus) where you can pick these SIM cards up. International calls from these can be as little as 3 cents. They use the networks of the operators(usually E-plus) so the coverage and call costs are good.
If you want Mobile Internet then get a prepaid SIM from Tchibo(the coffee place) , the UMTS USB stick was about 20 Euros when I last looked and 5gb/month is 20 Euros. There is no contract and every month it rolls over if 20 Euro credit is on your account. Tchibo buy their service from O2 which is the 2nd best Mobile provider after T-Mobile, as far as data is concerned, in Germany.
Once you have your Mobile Internet you could always use Cheap International Calls with Toolani and make VoIp calls internationally.
Hi, any chance of resurrecting and updating this thread. What's the latest run down on mobile PAYG in Germany for voice and data. I am on O2 text and web in UK which for £15 per month top up gives me £15 of talk time and unlimited Internet and text messages. Any comparable deals in Germany?
Skype app. I paid just short of 4 euros a month whilst in Cyprus to have free calls back to the UK, the only draw back is that you need to have a wifi connection.
Stay the **** away from Vodaphone in Germany. Shite coverage in garrison areas. Medion mobile do a good service. Pick up a sim card in Aldi, cheap as you need and good service.
Be aware that the coverage is not as complete as in the UK, there are vast rural areas where Vodascum, O2 and Eplus are as much use as a chocolate fireguard. The cheap "Discounter" pre paid cards from ALDI, TCHIBO, LIDL, PENNY etc are shit hot on costs if you intend to stay in town, but when you're up shit creek in heavy woodland with a twisted ankle and a 300 pound wildboar to recover, you might just as well try shouting for help. T-Mobile have the best coverage I find, even in the inbred backwoods of Hessen and Thuringia, with their pre paid T-Xtra I can keep a grip on costs.
Obviously a bit late but for OP but for those coming to Germany I use a pay monthly Vodafone Blackberry (as does the Mrs). For £10 a month you can enable data traveler roamer with Vodafone (25mb / day allowance) & BBM / windows IM / whatsapp IM people to your heart's content for £25 a month.

Most people are using gucci Iphone / Blackberry / Android / Nokia etc handheld devices now so little need for texting. If you're on a pretty hefty minutes contract with Vodafone just enable their Passport option & you've got cheap phone time providing it's not a quick call (75p initial connect fee).

Not checked other mobile providers but T-mobile, O2 etc probably run similar deals for data packages.
I'm posted to Fally next month. I have an Orange contract which is not due to expire until next Feb unfortunately. Anyway, that's by the by. What's the best German mobile deal for up to 500MB of data useage? I tend to use 3G almost as much as wifi.
I ended up getting a LIDLs standard SIM card and get unlimited (prob 500MB) for 6.95 Euro pet month, was 8.99. Signal on camp is Edge only but in most non villiages I het HSPDA. Apparently vodaphone is better but don't quote me. A Vodaphone sales rep reckoned he could get me 4G at my postcode on camp!!!!
Stay away from anything to do with the lying, thieves scum, that are Vodafone DE!!!
Tell Orange that you are military. They will let you either suspend your contract until you come back to UK or let you switch to pay as you go so that you can still use the phone when back on leave, courses, etc. they were quite happy for me to suspend my account last time I went on deployment.
I had an German O2 sim in Germany. Paid €15 pcm for 1gb data, German calls were cheap. Didn't use it for uk calls, so that would need investigating.

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