Any GUN NUTS in here ???

[align=center]Then you can get your very own

Special Calibre Challenge Coin !!

Buy a single ticket for £2, for £5 you'll get 3 tickets.

The way it works - simple !!

Once you've made a donation to the Hols4Heroes Paypal account ( ),
you send an email to telling me the amount of your donation and the Transaction ID.
To make it easier for Hols4Heroes please mark your donation 'Challenge Coin raffle'.
You'll have an answer with your allocated numbers and they will be put in the 'big hat' and wait for the draw. ;)
Only for those, who can't access their email account (from work e.g.) you can send a PM to the RaffleAccount.

You can tell me the number you prefer in your mail as well.
Desired coin numbers will be answered in the order of the draws in the end.

Good luck everyone !!!
Gun_Nut said:
You called??? :D

Seriously - how could I have missed this? Payment and email sent!
Yes, I did indeed. :lol:

I was really trying to boost this all over ARRSE, without annoying ppl too much. ;)

And it works ... you found it. :D

So, thank you for supporting Hols4Heroes. :)

Ticket numbers and mail on the way to you. ;)

Good luck. :)
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