Any guitar players in? Learning advice wanted.

Bee playing guitar on and off for a while now. Learnt most of your basic chords and can even string a few together to knock out a tune. Problem is I've hit a bit of a stale patch and don't seem to be improving. If anything I feel like I'm going backwards. It's only acoustic stuff and not expecting to become the next slash.

Did anyone hit this stage whilst learning and how did you get past it?

Thanks, tbm
Download chords and tabs for your favorite songs, if you dont know a chord just look it up, I found that provided the motivation to learn new chords and practice them. Thats pretty much how I learnt guitar, dont waste your money on teach yourself books, they're boring and will just put you off.
Hit Youtube mate, key in your favourite artist/song and "lesson"..........plenty out there........that'll keep you busy 'til eternity.
Get a teacher - even if it's just for a few lessons. You'll benefit hugely from both playing together, and from someone watching you, pointing out where you're going wrong and correcting you, rather than you trying to work it out for yourself.

No idea where you are, but if you're around Bristol, PM me - I might be able to sort you out with a couple of lessons.
Practise every day. Even if you can only spare 5 mins.
Find a teacher and more importantly find a genre that floats ya boat.

There are plenty of you tubers who break songs down into manageable chunks and give the tabs too.

Im learning to play a lot of metal (very badly) from 1 particular gent on t'web

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