Any groundies?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by luke12_lizards, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. Do any groundies use this forum or is it purely to talk about aircrafts? cheers
  2. Why, are you looking for groundie stuntmen?

  3. Why don't you start a (useful) thread about groundies?
  4. Groundies dont need the publicity and are usually too busy clearing up the mess left by flyboys to get on this site.
  5. Aircrew sit down to wee, groundie solidarity
  6. Guess this forum died a death. Groundies not what they used to be or else everyine is too mature to partake in juvenile banter
  7. I can stand up with the best of them and loudly procalim that I too was a groundie and a bowser mong to boot!!

    Does being a DG count as being aircrew or was I just a groundie in the back?
  8. No. You were a bowser mong and thats what counts. Nothing like smelling of Avtur FSII.