Any groundies managing to do their PPL/ME/MEIR?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by David2008, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. Just wondering if there are any airtroopers or non-NCO's managing to find time to put themselves through a flying course?
  2. No i wont be waiting to fly, ill be paying my way through the PPL at least so i can do hobby flying on weekends and free time, was just wondering if anybody at such a low level was commited enough to keeping it up whilst working in the army, as i have yet to experience what hard work will be involved.
  3. "hard work" how much tea can you drink :p
  4. Haha my old section cmdr (AAC) said the exact same thing in basic 2006 :p didn't know wether to believe him.
  5. but according to your sig, you haven't done phase 1 yet.....
  6. I'm a re-enlister mate (i.e. a tit for leaving the first time) :D
  7. There was a guy in 4 regt in the 80s. Ian Mon*****. He was a twin turbine rated pilot with more hours than some of the QHIs in his regiment. The powers to be would not let him go on his pilots course. He flew Para centre Islanders on a weekend and could throw them about the sky with the best of them. No wonder he sacked it.
  8. Its ok thanks for the feedback im getting plenty of PM's with useful info so the mod can close the topic if he/she likes.