Any good?

"never beat those dulcet tones of.......................................

"hands on..................... lift up, towards the gap a gnats knacker"

good times".

Just brought a little tear to my eye. Ah, having one of those days where I miss it. Lots.


cheggarsRE said:
i bet they had handle-bar tashes whoever they were! and they played euchre at naafi
And they would have knocked you the fook out if you even mentioned to them to "get their sidies up". Proper men, with proper bridges! :D
BloodyLance said:
That is some feckin HGB. Did Sappers do that or is it a civvy build?
8 Fd Sqn, 22 Engr Regt. Built to allow articulated trucks to get up on the deck of the old Ark Royal to strip her out on decommisioning. Finished on the 14th February 1979, hence the name 'Valentine Bridge'.

And yes, I was one of the guys that built it ... but only a lowly toffee wrapper at the time :oops:
A_Knocker_Till_The_End said:
"never put your finger where you would'nt put your c0ck"

not that you see that many fingerless engrs nowadays but it used to be commonplace.[/quote]

I've got an Ex Planty WO2 mate that got out with 8 digits :D

Brilliant stories when on the piss with civvies :twisted:
this systems a cross between csb (scissor bridge in the 10/26 form as launched by AVLB - Takes approx 3 mins with the new one and not being armoured cant remember if its titan or trojan)

The yank system took 30 mins or so, and wasnt kerbed / decked / anchored......

which leads on too my bag, ABLE - GSB

32M bridge, kerbed decked and open circa 35 mins......... all with 3 vehicles and a team of 6 operators, plus 4 'atts and detts'

The Brit one is far better too be honest without being biased, the improved version that the malaysians bought (!) is better still!!!

However, ABLE entered service late 1995, and too this day is still ruling the gaps on the GSB Front

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