Any Good Jobs?

Has anybody got any quality jobs. Not just pucker postings but little funnies that they feel they want to gloat about.

They may wish to post the timings their "great job" is becoming available so other hapless soldiers can try and beg for a chance of happyness, or just get fobbed off for the "benefit of the capbadge" and the bigger picture
I guess not judging by the heavy response, there must be a few good jobs or is everybody away from their computer terminals.

Gotta run, boss is coming back in :arrow:
If we all had good jobs, and happy postings then we'd never leave them....then those poor sobs who don't get a go would be misery guts for ever....and we need crap jobs and postings to compare the good one to....
But what would I do with all these spare uniforms, green is not going to go down well in the office
we certainly are clones of a by gone era!!!! now realised i put work place down and am trying very hard to delete but can't....... minor panic, nothing to horrible, just shortness of breath flashing before eyes.....god left arm numb...... 8O
I'm not the best person to ask I never get leave (poor little me), but really fancy a trip to Hawaii
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