Any good equipment stores in LONDON

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mbwest, Nov 13, 2005.

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  1. Anyone know any good places where I can get some good kit for camps* at a decent price.

    At the moment I am looking at getting a Ortlieb dry bag (this was £22)
    and a Lifeventure Soft fibre towel.

    I was also looking at getting some keyring size torches probably one clear and one red.

    Any other ideas for good kit that will come in handy in the field?
  2. London has a vast amount of stores to choose from, Try getting down to Bluewater the uk's biggest shopping mall. Also try decathlon at Surrey Quays or find them at Happy shopping.. :D
  3. Theres a couple of decent outdoorsy shops in Covent garden. They're on opposite corners of the street that runs down from the market to the "Coal hole" (Savoy) via Strand.
  4. Well there is Silvermans and a short drive away in the Shot you have HM supplies and DuBora!

  5. I can let you have a large, medium or small brand new dri bag for a lot less than £22 (not Ortlieb though) and as for the keyring torches TOP TIP go to your nearest pound shop :) Hubby has loads of kit he sells and he won't sell anything he wouldn't use himself - and boy is he a fussy b*gger.