Any good courses?

Looking for some opinions on any good courses that people have been on. They don't have to be just signals courses but also Mil courses.

Any positive comments would be well appreciated.
RMQ 1-3 is a good one to get. Less on the instructor side if you want a range qual without doing your skillies, you can still run ranges if thats the sort of thing that floats your boat.

Theres a lot of courses out there , you just have to look at what , you fancy, what you unit will let you do/ you're qualified for and put the course applications in. Depends what you consider to be good, Assualt Pioneers, Power Boat Driver, Deep Sea Wood Welding ... Get down your training wing and have a look at whats on offer , have a word with your sgts etc too , see which ones are looked on best for career progression if thats what you're after too

i was considering rmq but might go for skillies.

Already got quite a few quals but sometimes some people can give you soome guidance on courses you never hear about.

You need to consider what courses are right for your career, tempered by the fact that some can be a good jolly.

Being a course whore isnt quite enough, the quals you gain need to be of benefit to the Unit as well. It helps you become more competitive amongst your peers on promotion boards. Having a couple of quals but being all over the subject matter like a rash is of more benefit than having a slew of quals you know little about.

Having said that, if the trawl comes out for a couple of weeks all expenses paid, learning to dive in Thailand, contraseptives supplied - go for it mate.
scaleybint said:
Deep Sea Wood Welding
Isn't that run at the same place as the Underwater Knife Fighting Instructor course? I'd also recommend Class 1 Biscuit Design and Freefall Parachute Stunt Canoe Instructor.

No seriously tough, Recognition Instructor is a gimme but as there is no MATT for it unless your unit does Recce or FAC seems a bit pointless. So would say it all depends on what you want from your career also have a look at SOinC(A)'s PD19 and PD 206 (I think those are right) for a different direction.

One of the best courses I did was Paragliding. No quals at the end other than a provisional pilot's license though but a good laugh.
I agree with the comments about overseas jollies. Get on your MLT and work up to JSMEL(S). You can guarantee a few weeks holiday a year!

The courses all depend upon your short, mid and long-term career aspirations. What trade are you? If you would like to be a mil instr and go onto work on the RD roster, then some guys on here can give you an idea of the core courses you need (drill, skillies, CBRN, mapric and so on). If you want to concentrate on trade and eventualy end up on the appropriate supervisory roster, then you can pick and choose a few courses to help raise your profile (RMQ and pretty much any of the others I mentioned above). Horses for courses!
already done mlt and have been a few places with it. I am going to go down the trade route for the future however still want to have a hand full of mil quals as they do come in handy.

might have to try the underwater knife instructor course i guess as i already have advanced open water.
I got my RMQ 1-3 found myself over in BatARRSE doing redtops and even with 2 bananas , they gave me a local FFQ doing all the pairs and section ranges/ LAW / 51mm Mortar, General and Grenade supervision, so in some ways RMQ doesn't limit you.

Spotters course is easy enough, a bit boring mind, and its not part of MATTs like it was with ITD's but I think you still need Recognition teaching as part of deployment packages so you know which american aircraft or armoured vehicle is shooting at you, and it does pad out your qualifications section on your CR.

Get away get your offshore sailing courses done and get yourself a cushy number with the corps Yacht , Rod Stewart singing in the background , aaron jumper on, deck shoes and shades, sounds like my kind of soldiering to be honest , or any adventure training courses you fancy that would be good numbers when they trawl for instructors for expeds.

Anyway ,don't most of the lads in the corps go off and do the FIPAC course??? Fighting In Pubs And Clubs ?? :wink:

Try and get yourself on the RYA Level 2 & 3 Powerboat planing and displacement courses if you can-it's classed as AT and I spent a very enjoyable trip in DJ Barracks in Split whilst on Op Palatine as one of only 2 people who were qualified (well allowed at least) to drive a very very expensive speedboat that Sir Donald Gosling gifted to a naval unit. :D
already got my rya sailing and powerboat quals but i think that the at route is definately the way to go.

Might look at canoeing instructor and rmq as mentioned.

Thanks for the input lads

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