Any Good Car Recycling in

Oi caan give yuse a used dag and a barskit o' lucky heather fur it.
Nah, y'old pikey. Me an me possee can be yoozin a gud set o'wheel's for cruzin when we do lookin f'da skanky bitches on a weeken. NahWotIMean, innit.
Any good car recycling companies in Surrey/Sussex/London within the M25 or within 20 miles outside?
Got a 2004 toyota yaris to get shot of, good runner but bought another car, dealer did not want to be loaded with it. But still gave us money off, car worth £450 MoT till October hence webuyanycar does not want it
Webuyanycar... don’t then.

Dump it in a skip. @Kirkz may fish it out & re-purpose it. ;-)
The last couple of motors I have moved on I have advertised on facebook marketplace. Still not a pleasant as the good old dats of Exchange and Mart but miles better than fleabay. Free too, no paypal bollocks and, in my experience fewer mongheads.

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