Any Good Books for Great War Sideshows?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Brick, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. There's been more than enough written on the Western Front and to a lesser extent the Eastern Front but does anyone have any recommendations for good books about the so-called sideshows? Areas like German East and West Africa, the mainly Japanese takeover of Tsingtao etc. All the places that generally get glossed over really. Thanks.
  2. [​IMG]

    Very good: clean and simple descriptions of the conflicts, tactics, logistics etc.

    You might also wish to search for Joyce Cary who served in the Nigeria Regiment in the 1st World War. His novels are based on his experiences but are not autobiographical (if that makes any sense).

    My grandfather had a book called "The Salonika Front" about that campaign. I only remember it because one of the authors had been in the Kite Ballon Corps, which stuck in my memory. It had illustrations by the official war artist.
  3. Seve Pillars of Wisdom springs immediately to mind.
  4. 'An Ice Cream War', William Boyd.

    QUite 'literary', but a very good portrayal of the East African war and Von Lettow-Vorbeck's activities. 'A campaign they continued after the armistice, because nobody told them to stop'. Lots of really good period detail gives a real feel for what it ws like.
  5. Tigris Gunboats by Wilfred Nunn. Available as a reprint from Chatham Publishing. Written by a Naval officer, it gives a good account of the progress of the Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force from the point of view of the ragbag flotilla that supported it.
  6. The History of the Army Services Corps 1902-1919 has a lot of fascinating stuff about the logistics of the side shows.

    "Mimi and toutou go forth" is the story of the naval battle in Lake Malawi.

    If you want to hear about the sideshows first hand join us on one our battlefield tours to...

    The Battlefields of East Africa in Tanzania: Tour of a lifetime.

    The British battlefields in Italy in 1917-8.

    Next year we planto visit Salonika and possible Russia
  7. Best description I heard of von Lettow-Vorbeck and his campaign has to be "a midget German force led by an obscure Prussian officer who could have conducted post-graduate courses in irregular warfare tactics for Che Guevara, General Giap and other more celebrated but far less skilled guerilla fighters."

    Thanks for all the suggestions so far, please do keep them coming.
  8. I did a double-take the other day - the flagship gunboat of the German Lake flotilla (the origins of the whole 'African Queen' film, Wilbur Smith novel etc etc) is still there, refloated by the RN in the 20's, and now part of the local transport network!

    Graf von Gotzen
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Battles on the Tigris by Ron Wilcox- Pen and Sword

    Forgotten Battlefronts Martin MArix Evans - Sutton Pub.
  10. the siege good book on AL Kut, also the book on the 2 gunboats that went overland mimi and toutou go forth
  11. The Siege by Russell Braddon is certainly worth reading.
  12. Saw a great Chinese language TV Doc on the following -

    But no English language books that I know of alas.