Any golfers here?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scuba_frog, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. Nope, play the ball where it lies. That way no dropped shot.
  2. Fore.....................................head!
  3. Was it a competition or just a friendly four-ball? I would have let him have a free drop, two club lengths from the man made obstruction, no nearer the hole.
  4. The wife of a friend of mine came hobbling back to the club house the other day after her husband hit her with a golf ball. She looked in extreme pain and was walking like John Wayne. When we asked her where she had been hit by the golf ball she said "right between the first and second hole"
  5. Lucky it was her.

    It could so easily have been someone els.

  6. That would of been a hole in one I really would have liked to see
  7. Bloody hell, I hope the ball wasn't one of ours (I work for a leading golf company, Yes Really 8) ) as I would hate to think that it was that inaccurate.

    Unless it played to spec :wink:
  8. And please repair any divots.
  9. Happens to the best of them

    Sergio Garcia

    Stewart Cink

    And both of them never died. I reckon she did it for the insurance.
  10. Ball struck by you is deflected or stopped by someone else - play your ball as it lies wihout penalty, except (a) in match play, if an opponent or his caddie deflects the ball you have an option to replay the stroke or (b) in stroke play, if the ball is deflected after a stroke from on the putting green, you must replay it.

    There you are, no problems.
  11. Well it definitely improved her handicap.
  12. Will there be caddies to carry the coffin?
  13. That's par for the course.
  14. Perhaps she'll get membership here

    or perhaps be buried in this