Any gnasher-mashers out there? Dental question

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Flagrantviolator, Nov 19, 2011.

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  1. I recently had a filling fall out from my 3rd right molar. Causes some pain while chewing, etc, but didnt think much about it. Then 2 days ago I waseating some crisps and a full 1/4 inch of tooth fell off. I am selfemployed and have no dental coverage, so am thinking of just having it yanked. Question is, how difficult is it to pull a hollowed out, broken tooth? Is it possible that it would splinter and require surgery to pull? And how long can I leave it before it rots? Thanks
  2. The fact that the tooth is hollow shouldn't be a problem, it will be more difficult but not impossible. The problem if any would be the fact that its your wisdom tooth. Sometimes teeth that far back cause problems when extracting. As for it rotting, it sounds like it's already pretty decayed, the sooner you get it removed the better as if it rots to a certain extent it will cause an abcess which is never good. Best thing to do really is just go for a check up and they can tell you all your options, I'm limited with my advice as I can't see it. Hope this helps.
  3. Google the number for your local NHS Dental Access thingymajig. If it's as badly decayed as you've said it is there's not much chance of it being reconstructed. A private dentist will just pull the ****** (or, if they're a really shady twat, bill it as a surgical extraction seeing as it's broken down a bit), the NHS enamel abusers will do the same at a fraction of the cost. £20 to have it yanked, IIRC.
  4. I had a filling drop out on me it was a very big one The dentist replaced it told me the filling was verty near the gumline and there was no gauranree it would stay in.Well it has but it has started giving me some jip if i bite something hard it hurts and hot or cold it hurts and a dull ache always .So if it does not ease up i shall go and have it out as he said it was the only way if the filling failed
  5. Get it pulled, dont wait, it will eventually abcess and you will be climbing the walls in pain. I had one crack after eating hula hoops, came out no problem at all.
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  6. Fang farrier is probably the best one to answer this kind of question, but Domino's advice is pretty sensible too. It's best if you go in for a check up and let a dentist see what's going on. He (or she) will give you options on how to deal with it. I'm guessing though that leaving the tooth in to rot and fall out on its own won't be one of the options.

    I had a similar experience myself. A molar in the back on my right side fractured one day and a significant chunk of tooth was lost. I had to have it pulled in the end because it was preventing me from eating properly and it was usually throbbing all the time with a dull ache, but there were no complications with the extraction. I was told about implants, but they're very expensive and I declined to go that route. Losing one molar doesn't usually make that much of a difference in eating anyway.

    Good luck to you and Dr. Lemming will see you now.

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  7. ARRSE. Not just for cadets looking for information on who's got the best guns and fat lonely wimmin who describe themselves as bubbly.
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  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    **** off Dentist Walt. Nobody is impressed.

    For the OP, go to a dentist. When the dentist says "If you feel pain, slap your palm down on the arm of the chair and I will stop". You say "I will cup my hands around your balls and if you hurt me I shall ******* squeeze and it will take the fire brigade with hydraulic cutting gear to make me let go. Deal? Or no deal?"

    I ******* hate dentists but I have had serious work done over the years and the worst pain was the bastard needle the ***** jammed in my gum. Ask around your mates for who is a good dentist. Dentists are not medieval torturers. They are mostly nice, quietly spoken people who live to fix your teeth.

    Apart from the mad ones. And the ones who want to RAPE you whilst you are under anesthetic. Apart from them....
  9. Agree with the above, but would point out that the current NHS Band 2 treatment charge (covering all fillings or extractions in one course of treatment) is £47. You don't say if it's an upper or lower wisdom tooth - lowers tend to be more difficult to extract, but your local dental access centre should be able to do this, plus make you a further appointment if anything else is needed, after completion they will advise you to find your own NHS dentist. Hope this helps. Good luck
  10. Thanks guys. Job jobbed.
  11. Why in the world am i gettin some crazy abuse for givin some advice coz you don't like the dentist?! Listen, if they jam a needle in your gum everytime you go, keep your mouth clean
  12. You will get more abuse for typing a la chav!
  13. I would suggest spitting out your gum before you go into the office, thereby depriving him of a target.
  14. Had a broken and rotten wisdom tooth pulled two weeks ago at my local NHS community dental surgery. Cost me nowt as they let a student loose on me.
  15. Now thats brave!!